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The Security Industry Amendment Act 2012 commenced on the 1st November 2012. The impacts of this act are already starting to be seen at venues around NSW.

The target of the legislation is squarely on the security industry. It will significantly enhance the NSW Police Force's regulation of the security industry in an attempt to reduce the impact of organised crime and outlaw motorcycle gangs operating in the security Industry.

It follows on from other recently introduced legislation – Violent Venues List and the 3 Strikes Disciplinary Scheme.

Hue Karaoke, 321-325 Sussex St, Sydney was the first to be issued with a second strike in the 3 Strikes disciplinary scheme. There are now 37 venues with a first strike on the 3 Strikes Disciplinary Scheme.

A vast majority of the recorded strikes are based on the following items:
"Licensee permit intoxication on licensed premises"
"Licensee sell/supply liquor outside authorised hours"
"Licensee permit intoxication"
"Sell liquor outside authorised trading hours"

More reasons why Harassment, Bullying and Discrimination are not good business

This year there are two additional reasons why your business should ensure that steps have been taken to prevent harassment, bullying and discrimination at your workplace.  In addition to the costs impacting on the business through productivity, morale and turnover to name a few, the Workplace Gender Equality Agency and Fair Work Australia have new legislation putting pressure on organisations to make it a priority.

Monday, 09 September 2013 11:28

Introducing Workskills Australia

A new business name and venture for the Directors of Workskills Australia - Ellie Roach and Christine Williamson.


Workskills Australia is excited to work in partnership with Allied Risk Solutions for their training and development programs for the Club industry.


Workskills Australia specialises in Vocational Education and Management consulting delivering a range of services to the Hospitality industry nationally and internationally.

The SINGLE Most Important Content Area To Include In Your Resume Is ……………


DON'T spend lots of time talking about the 'Duties' that you perform from day to day. Focus on the ACHIEVEMENTS that you have had in each role. When a CEO, HR Manager or Board member receives your resume they are thinking... 'if we employed this person, what can they do for us? How will they make our business better'. So, if you TELL them in your resume how you have made another business better and it resonates with their business, then they WILL want to interview you.

They are looking to see if you can ACHIEVE the same things you have talked about and MORE in their business. Simple really !!!!!

So, what does an ACHIEVEMENT look like on a resume ?

Monday, 09 September 2013 11:38

Emotionally Intelligent Customer Service

Emotionally Intelligent Customer Service – Morgan Stewart

“Why are people talking about emotional intelligence and customer service?” was a question heard recently from a Senior Club Manager.A fair question and one that has five points that answer it in a way that demonstrates how to partner the principles of Daniel Goleman’s emotional intelligence and customer service.


We are in the Hospitality business, fighting for the discretionary spend of our customers and the aim of hospitality is to be ‘hospitable’, which can be easier said than done in businesses that generally say they know all about customer service.

Thursday, 28 March 2013 15:13

Wollongong Alcohol Drinking highest

Gong Grog use Near Top

The following is part of the article that appeared in the Illawarra Mercury, on the 22 March 2013.

Late night revellers in Wollongong's CBD have among the highest intoxication levels in the country, according to a report on Australian drinkers released yesterday.

About 7000 drinkers at licensed premises in five cities – including Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Geelong – were surveyed from November 2011 to June 2012.

As part of the study, patrons blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) readings were taken hourly from 9pm to 3am, with Geelong patrons recording an average reading over that time of 0.067. The average BAC for Wollongong and Perth patrons was just under, at 0.066 – double the average figure of 0.033 for Sydney's drinkers. The University of Wollongong's Centre for Health Initiatives was a major collaborator in the Patron Offending and Intoxication in Night-Time Entertainment Districts (POINTED) report.

Monday, 09 September 2013 12:00

A New Holdup Recovery Tool

This month I want to tell you about a new innovative product with the potential to dramatically reduce your exposure to risk of significant loss during a robbery or hold up.


It is an Australian development of a product made in Sweden and will be available in July 2013.


It is called the Holdup Recovery Solution and consists of:

1. A miniature tracker unit:

Which can be disguised as a pack of cigarettes, a stack of $20 notes or built into jewelry boxes/display stands

It can be tracked using GPS, GSM or RFID.

It is so small and light that seven can be fitted in a pack of cigarettes!

2. Mobotix cameras

These are remote guard enabled, providing a clear chain of evidence linking the robber to the stolen goods. These cameras are the biggest revolution in CCTV., featuring ACTIVITY DETECTION as opposed to motion detection.

Monday, 09 September 2013 12:29

Two Way Radios – Analogue or Digital

Analogue two-way radios have been used for business applications as far back as 1933, and they were originally placed into service by the U.S. military 20 years before then.


Today, two-way radio technology is so widespread, it has become nearly as common as a household appliance. This time-saving communications tool has now become a favorite choice for commercial, industrial, military, and even personal use.


The history of the two-way radio is long and well defined, but the question still stands as to whether the analogue radio is strong enough to offset the advantages of the feature-rich digital devices that are growing in popularity.

As a business you like to have everything safe, robust and secure. You would also like to have some assurance that things will continue as they were.

Unfortunately change is an ever present danger and assurances don’t come easily in this type of environment.

You may even rely on remote access to your business systems over the Internet. As a consequence of this flexibility in this current environment of distributed electronic connectivity, we have the proliferation of viruses, hackers and fraud. They attempt to steal identities, passwords, names and addresses, whatever is left unprotected.

Businesses today need to be aware of the risks and cater for them as best they are able.

This is a brief guide intended to help inform you about the risks to your business notably those unseen dangers that do exist, and how to be best prepared for them.

Social Media is now common place with a majority of our employees, which is easy to believe when statistic such as Facebook reveal they have over 1 billion monthly, active users.

With this growing form of communication, it hasalso put the spot light on how employer’s navigate the line between an employee’s privacy, out of hours conduct and their right to personal expression and the employer’s right to protect its organisation’s reputation, enforce the contractual relationship with its employees and also protect the safety of the staff.

Cases have established that employees making derogatory comments about their employer from their home computers outside of work hours can come under scrutiny of the employer.   In one case Commissioner Bissett makes the statement that “it would be foolish of employees to think they may say as they wish on their Facebook page with total immunity from any consequences.”

Thursday, 28 March 2013 11:59

CCTV - Activity Detection Systems

There are some fascinating new initiatives in the CCTV world this year and in order to explain them we will need some context.

For the last fifteen years or so, we have had some kind of motion detection built into either cameras or the software used to view video footage. These have typically identified shadows and moving tree branches as movement. In secure environments such as prisons, much effort has been expended in eliminating rabbits and kangaroos from valid target lists, and trees have been eliminated in the creation of sterile zones. This has been an attempt to create an environment where any movement at all, constitutes a security risk.

For most, if not all of you then the creation of sterile zones is not an option. You want to welcome your customers in and present them with a comfortable and enjoyable retail experience.

So what is video motion detection? It has traditionally involved capturing a change in the pixels making up the image. This is then enhanced and manipulated in software to try to eliminate no risk events.

This is all about to change and instead of motion detection we will now have Activity detection.

Thursday, 28 March 2013 11:43

Funding Options for Clubs for Training

Why is it so confusing about the different funding options available to clubs to support their training requirements?

How can TAFE SWSI make it easier for you?

There is one thing for certain and that is that nothing is ever certain.  In the training arena, TAFE SWSI recognises that for many of our clients there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding what is no longer available and, what is now available in terms of government funding that has traditionally supported the training needs of many of our club industry partners.

It is no wonder that many of our clients are uncertain or somewhat confused about the difference between the Strategic Skills Placement (SSP) that is available today and the superseded SSP funding.

What is Workforce Development funding – who applies for it and how does one access this funding?  Why have the traineeship amounts been reduced, and so on?

These seem to be the constant themes that many of our club partners are seeking the answers to.

TAFE SWSI is well placed to facilitate the answers to these questions and to try and demystify some of the confusion.

Thursday, 28 March 2013 11:17

Service is the Differentiation Point

Recently the 2012 inaugural OOPS Superior Service Awards were announced, recognising the venue and also the individual team member who consistently provided patrons outstanding superior customer service.

On reading the patron comments there is no doubt that ‘SERVICE and ENGAGEMENT” is the differentiation point between a business that is doing well and another that exceeds it’s bottom line continually by offering the customer an “EXPERIENCE”.   Connecting with emotional intelligence.

The winners were:

OOPS Large/Medium Club – “Superior Service Club Award” in 2012 -  MINGARA

“Possibly the best experience that I have had at a club so far - service and staff could not be faulted.”

“A bustling, vibrant atmosphere with friendly, happy and approachable staff. Extremely helpful and exceptional customer service skills”.

“A Club that always has something going on. It’s good to see such a large establishment supporting worthy charities, such as Breast Cancer Awareness, and getting behind them in a big way. It shows that they give back to the community and are proud to do so.”

Thursday, 28 March 2013 11:09

Workplace Bullying - The Silent Bully

Workplace bullying is “verbal, physical, social or psychological abuse by your employer (or manager), another person or group at work.”

Bullying Behaviour is a Hazard

In our current environment, if we see an exposed electrical lead on the floor or someone not wearing their safety boots into a restricted area, a quick reaction can eliminate the hazard. As education grows, employers become better informed of their obligation to take reasonable steps to prevent bullying and harassment. When the signs of overt bullying are identified such as; attacking or threatening someone in the workplace or pushing and shoving a fellow colleague the appropriate steps are taken to eliminate the bullying behaviour.

Thursday, 28 March 2013 10:54

11 Top Secrets Tips to Win that BIG Job!

Brought to you by Jenny White, MD of White Now

There are no ‘Houdini magic tricks’ or ‘David Copperfield smoke and mirrors’ when it comes to winning that ideal job in today’s current job climate, but there are some tips that you simply HAVE TO take note of if you want to beat your colleagues to the post.  The current trend is to AVOID putting together a resume along the traditional guidelines.  The trend is to try and STAND OUT from your colleagues and be different.  Employers are now looking for your ‘Unique Selling Points’…. How are YOU different to someone else?  If you present yourself and your documents the same as everyone else, then that simply doesn’t make you stand out.  Consider yourself as a ‘unique product or service’ that you want to sell to your new employer.  How are you going to do that?

Wednesday, 12 December 2012 10:04

Security Industry Amendment Act 2012

SLED and ALEC Audits - Is your Security Ready?

The Security Industry Amendment Bill 2012 has been passed by the NSW Parliament and is now in effect (commenced 1st November 2012).

It will significantly enhance the NSW Police Force's regulation of the security industry. Many of the changes came out of reviews undertaken by the Australian Crime Commission and the Independent Commission Against Corruption. Evidence of organised crime and outlaw motorcycle gangs operating specifically in the security Industry in all mainland states was brought to the attention of the legislators.

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